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One of the oldest towns of the Valle del Sarca

In the surroundings is a wild and barren expanse of cyclopic boulders called the Marocche di Dro

Dro, lake Garda A typical village, in the valley of the Sarca river, where the buildings preserve elegant stone doorways, Medieval features and the typical rural architecture of the Upper Garda region. The area is intensely cultivated with orchards and vineyards, where the famous "Dru plums" are grown and the ancient "Vino Santo" dessert wine produced. Of scenic interest in Dro are the so-called “Marocche”, a chaotic pile of rocks and boulders of glacial origin, littering the valley floor of Sarca, between Pietramurata and Dro, which give the area an almost desert-like appearance. Dro is one of the oldest towns in the valley, with a wealth of historic monuments, such as the parish church, dedicated to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the old deconsecrated church of Saints Sisinio, Martirio and Alessandro, the Baroque church of  S. Antonio, and the Roman bridge of Ceniga. Near the Town Hall is the Toresela, the stump of a Medieval tower that probably guarded the town's north gate. Due to the presence of cliffs, Dro is also a much-frequented rock-climbing destination.

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